In the age of digital online, making money at home is not impossible. It is possible to earn money online in thousands of ways. In today’s article, we will discuss how to make money online through Twitter?

Twitter is currently a very popular online platform. Twitter has over 2 million users. And its demand and popularity now at the top of success. Not just for fun, many people use Twitter to earn money. At present it is possible to earn millions of money on Twitter. What is Twitter?  How to make money from Twitter? Can you make money from Twitter? I will try to discuss these issues in detail in today’s article. Hopefully it will be possible to get a good idea about this topic.  

What Is Twitter? 

Twitter is a social medium to use in the same way we use WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Like Facebook, one has to open one’s own account on Twitter.

It is a great platform for entertainment, business or money. Since Twitter is a trusted place for millions of people, there is no end to the work. The only thing you can do is earn money from Twitter. Individuals using this are particularly different. Some use this medium for entertainment, some for updated news, some for business and some for income.

Ways To Make Money From Twitter

If anyone wants to make money from Twitter, is it even possible? Yes it is possible and in today’s article I will discuss some of these ways. So let’s start with how to make money from Twitter.

Earnings from affiliates :

Affiliate marketing is very popular these days. Affiliate marketing is about promoting your product or service to a large company. If you want to promote affiliate links via Twitter;  However, create a profile on the specific niche. It’s very easy to find a targeted audience on Twitter. If you want to get a good quality Twitter follower, create a profile and post regularly. If you have a certain amount of commission coming and going, you can easily have an account and withdraw it to yourself. And you can accomplish this simple task by sharing it on your Twitter group. You will share it to your group. The more people who buy the product by clicking on the link provided by you, the more your commission will come. This way you can easily earn money from Twitter through affiliate program.  Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular affiliate marketers right now because one can join and work here if they want.

Sell the product from Twitter :

If you have a service or product and you want to sell it. Then you can get a lot of customers from Twitter. Twitter has millions of subscribers. Some of them need your product.  You need to find them and tell them about your product. I believe if you can properly promote your product to your target audience; But you will not lack customers. All you need to do is grow their attention. Besides, one can collect followers for buyer in twitter. In this case, according to the demand of the buyer to collect followers from a specific country or nation or region. There are lots of such jobs in the freelancing marketplaces. It is also possible to earn money in this way.

Promote other people’s products:

At present all physical and non-physical products are sold online. Find products that go with your niche. You can contact product sellers. You send them offers, and sell their products. You can earn  2% -30% commission for selling the product. Start working if they agree. There are various short-linker sites online. Create links from there and start promotion.  Short-linker sites allow you to track your links. So it is better to use it. There are many products that will be promoted in such a way. How much will they pay per 1000 or 5000 engagement that you will promote their product. Basically, these two ways can be used to promote another’s product.


There is a big chance of earning money by retweeting on Twitter. The question that may come to your mind is how to earn money just by retweeting? Suppose a seller twitches on Twitter to sell one of his products. Now if you have a popular Twitter account, you can retweet that tweet and reach more people. As a result, the sales of the seller will increase many times. With the help of which a large amount of money can be earned. However, in order to retweet, you must have a Twitter account that has a lot of followers.

Income from Twitter: Google AdSense :

You may be wondering how to make money from Twitter through Google AdSense. No! I don’t mean that here. If you have a website, you can use Twitter to increase the number of visitors there. Increase visitors by promoting your blog or website on Twitter. More visitors to the blog means more revenue. If you are a good visitor to the blog, you can earn a lot of money through Google AdSense. Moreover, if there are more visitors to the blog, there are more ways to earn.


If you also want to earn money from Twitter, then start earning money with this medium today with patience and prudence. Must have the humanity to work every day. You can earn only if you have passion. In this article, we have highlighted the ways of earning income from Twitter. Also, if you have any questions, let us know in the comment box immediately.