One of them is a common question that pops up among newbies and those who are thinking of starting YouTube is whether YouTube pays based on the number of subscribers. In today’s article we will solve this question.

YouTubing has emerged as a popular career nowadays. Young people are especially attracted to YouTube. As YouTubing has become popular, some common questions have also arisen among YouTubers. One of them is whether YouTube pays based on the number of subscribers. If you are a tutorial you should know. You will know the answer to this question 100% today. So read this post carefully. 

Does YouTube Pay For Subscribers?

If I say one thing, for example – your channel gets more than crores of subscribers, but not a single penny is paid from YouTube. YouTube says that it is not written anywhere that you will get money if you are a subscriber. 

Now you may have a question in your mind, then on what basis YouTube gives money. These questions are not as trivial as one might think. Because every person wants to know how much money he will get from the place he will work. Otherwise you will find that after starting YouTube, you lose motivation mid way. In the end, you will quit the job after not being able to earn money from YouTube. So in this post we will discuss in detail how to earn money from YouTube. 

Channel views or subscribers are not the main thing to earn money from YouTube. YouTube mainly depends on advertising for payment. YouTube pays YouTubers through a variety of complicated calculations. These calculations include CPC, CTR and RPM of ads etc.

Revenue from YouTube basically refers to the revenue received from YouTube advertisers. That means your YouTube channel will be used by advertisers for advertising. As a result you will get money from them. Simply put, advertisers will show their ads at the beginning, middle or various times of your channel’s YouTube videos, in return you will earn money from YouTube.

To earn from YouTube, you first need to open a YouTube channel. Then apply to bring the channel under YouTube monetization. But currently more than 400 videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. What is YouTube Channel Monetization? Just opening a channel is not enough to earn money from YouTube. You must join the YouTube Partnership Program. The system of joining the YouTube partnership program is also called YouTube channel monetization by many. Through YouTube channel monetization, you can earn money from YouTube by placing ads on your YouTube channel and advertising.

While watching YouTube videos we often subscribe to our channel or click the bell button. From this we assume that YouTube is paying the channel if the subscriber increases But that is not entirely correct.

The number of subscribers is not directly related to the increase in income from YouTube of the channel. But the increase in the number of subscribers of the channel means that the channel is very popular. And the more popular a channel is, the more people the channel’s video will be promoted to. And if the popularity increases, the viewers will also increase.

YouTube will then display more ads on those channels. If the number of these ads increases, the amount of money earned from YouTube will increase in the cable channel. So subscribers don’t directly play a role in making money here. But indirectly, if the number of subscribers of the channel increases, the amount of income from YouTube also increases.


Hope it is understood from the above discussion that YouTube does not pay for channel subscriptions or video views. When Google AdSense ads are shown on monetized videos on YouTube, YouTube pays by calculating ad views and ad clicks.

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