To master the art of hacking we all need to know some important things first. Especially since we lack proper knowledge about the languages ​​that need to be known for hacking. Currently, many popular programming languages ​​are used in hacking. If you know the programming language, this can be done very easily. So, in today’s article, we will discuss how important it is to know programming to know to hack.

What is Hacking? 

Hacking refers to breaking into a network or gaining unauthorized access to a computer to steal or modify information or files. The person involved in this process is called a hacker. Computer hacking is done using various types of programs such as rootkits, Trojans, key loggers etc. Hackers also use techniques such as browser hijacking, spoofing, phishing, etc. to capture users’ personal or financial details.

There Are Mainly 7 Types Of Hacking:

  • Website hacking 
  • Network hacking 
  • Ethical hacking
  • Password hacking 
  • Email hacking
  • Mobile hacking 
  • Computer hacking 

Website hacking:

Website hacking means hacking a website. Hackers take full control of the website by hacking the website and can post whatever they want and change their ownership.

Network hacking:

Network hacking means hacking the network.  For example, a company or government office has many computers, each computer is connected to a local area network, and that local area network is being hacked, as a result of networking hacking, hackers have complete control over the network. Basically, there are many types of tools used for network hacking.

Ethical hacking:

Hackers basically hack the system security of a company to make it more secure and it is completely legal. It is the job of ethical hackers to check whether the computer system is messed up or has any problem because no Black Hat Hackers can hack the computer system.

Password hacking:

Finding the password of the system with the help of many types of tools is called password hacking. If they want, they can change that password and control it with their own password.

E-mail hacking:

Email hacking is stealing or destroying someone’s email by hacking into it. Hackers hack the email and take full control of the email and change the password of the email so that no one can access it.

Mobile hacking:

Hacking someone’s mobile is mobile hacking.  Hackers hack mobiles and steal personal information or data. Many times hackers send links in emails or messages, if you click on that link, hackers will take your mobile phone.

Computer hacking:

This type of hacking means that hackers hack the computer system and steal or destroy all the data on the computer. Hackers attack the computer system through different types of malware, and viruses.

What Is Programming? 

Programming is the process of giving instructions to a computer. In other words, programming is the process of giving instructions to an automated machine. Again the instructions have to be written according to certain rules. Programming language is the rules by which programs are to be written. Computers cannot understand us. Computers understand only 0 and 1. And we cannot express anything with only 0 and 1. So the programming language turns our instructions into 0’s and 1’s as the computer understands.

There are many types of computer programming. Several thousand  But the basic rule of all is the same. If you know how to program in a programming language, you can write programs in any programming language. Some of the popular languages ​​are C, C++, Java, Python, C#, etc. When we program in Java or Python or C Plus it is later converted into binary language. For which the computer can easily read the program and act accordingly. Programming language is a way for computers to communicate with people.

Importance Of Programming To Know Hacking:

How important it is to know programming to know hacking depends on you, thinking about yourself, and where your approximate skills are. The point is, in my opinion, knowing yourself is a prerequisite for hacking. If you can extract information by talking to people, you should focus on this aspect; Then you don’t need to know the program at all. If you have the ability to think logically and bring skills like system breaking, knowing programming is essential.  That again depends on what you want to work on. The hacking or security world is not small at all but huge.  What you should learn will depend on which aspect you want to master.

To become a hacker you must have expertise in networking. Also should have a good understanding of all popular computer operating systems with special expertise in Unix/Linux.  Also, a good understanding of various Linux distros and their commands is essential. As well as some programming languages ​​such as;  Must know C, Java, Perl, etc., and database;  Must have good knowledge of SQL.

Hacking does not require any programming knowledge to begin with. Initially, hacking can be done with scripts, tools, and software made by others. These types of hackers are called script kiddies. Hacking with things made by others does not go far. It involves finding bugs in various software and programs. For this, you have to be very good at programming. If one does not know to program then one has to depend on other tools always. Programming is used to develop your own tools, viruses, malware, exploits, etc. for hacking.

Some Hacking Programming Languages ​​are Discussed Below:


Due to its small and simple command system, it is able to attract the attention of developers very quickly. An organization called Python Software Foundation is responsible for maintaining and modifying Python. Today, big tech companies like Google and NASA use Python. Here programming skills can be easily mastered. Various malicious codes, exploits, malware, etc. are written in Python for hacking. Besides, it has direct involvement in many other hacking-related matters. Python is best, especially for web-based hacking.


PHP is the most popular programming language. It has been in the market for a long time.  Popular CMS WordPress and Drupal are built with PHP.  Besides, the backend work of many websites in the world has been done with PHP.  Now if you have experience with this language then web hacking will become very easy for you.  Such as conducting various attacks to hack websites or web applications.  Besides, it is necessary to know this language if you want to find the weakness in the website created using PHP.  Knowing PHP along with SQL is a must for web-related hacking.  It will be easy to find out how the website works and how to find its weaknesses of the site.


C programming language is called the mother of all programming languages. Almost all popular operating systems are built with C language. Like Windows, Unix, Linux, and other Linux distributions are built with C. Knowing this, has a good understanding of operating systems which helps in creating exploits. It can be used to manipulate everything from the operating system’s RAM to hardware and software. Find other weaknesses and find ways to break them.  Because of these reasons, C is called one of the best hacking languages.


Initially, JavaScript was a client-side or front-end language. It was used to add various functions and features to the front end. But by releasing Node JS they have started to support the back end. JavaScript is considered a strong competitor of PHP. Because it is currently being used as an alternative to PHP in many cases. However, JavaScript is a complex language. Its syntax is a bit difficult to remember. Today there are many powerful web applications that use JS. Hacking methods known as cross-side scripting or XSS and brute force attacks require JavaScript to execute.


SQL is a database language. That is, it is used for database creation and maintenance. SQL database stores all user data like name, address, username, and password. If you somehow gain access to the database, it is possible to launch a large-scale cyber attack at the same time. So it is easy to hack a database if you have knowledge of this language. SQL injection methods are especially easy to perform. For this, every hacker needs to know this language along with other languages.


Knowing to program in hacking is very popular.  Also, using scripts created by others won’t get you far.  So best programming, networking, and basic usage of all operating systems to make yourself a good hacker.

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