Being a hacker requires mainly his qualifications, and then his sharp morale and tough patience. With all this, he will be able to walk into a huge world called hacking only when he develops into a different person.

Hacking is a cycle where somebody enters a PC or PC network with no legitimate authorization. And those who hack, they are hackers. Many people think that hacking is just a website, while many people think that hacking means just hacking a computer or computer network. Is that really so? No, not really.

There can be many types of hacking. Using someone’s mobile phone, land phone, car tracking, various electronics and digital devices without permission also falls under hacking. Hackers usually hack into these electronic devices.

Who Is The Hacker?

The individual who works on hacking is known as a hacker. They know almost all the information about the system that will be hacked, including the structure and operation of the system. Hackers used to hack phones when computers were not so popular before. Then they were called ‘Phreaker’ and this process was called ‘Phreaking’. They hacked different media transmission frameworks and utilized them for their own requirements.

There Are Several Types Of Hackers:

Hackers are usually exposed with hats or caps. E.g.-

White hat hacker:

Everyone thinks hacking is a very bad thing. Such hackers prove that hacking is not a bad thing. They quickly detect flaws in a security system and report it to its owner. 

Gray hat hacker:

This type of hacker is a two-faced snake. When they find out the flaws in the security system, he uses it as he sees fit. He may or may not inform the owner of the system if he wishes. But the funny thing is that most hackers fall into this category.

Black hat hacker: 

The most dangerous hacker is in this category. When they find a flaw in a security system, they quickly use it to their advantage. Destroys the system. Spreads various viruses. He made arrangements so that he could re-enter in the future. Above all, it tries to get into all the subsystems under that system.

What does it take to hack?

  • Good internet connection or Wi-Fi
  • A PC or laptop
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Interest in learning
  • A lot of patience
  • Programming language

If you want to learn hacking or be a complete hacker then you must involve yourself in each of the above steps. And of course you have to make sure that you are able to complete the above steps properly.

Good internet connection or Wi-Fi :

You must have an internet connection whenever you want to step into the black world called hacking. The hacking thing doesn’t happen offline, if you use data connection then the word hacking will make you sad. It is often seen that data connection or network connection becomes very slow, so you have to get rid of the worries about hacking. Because if you want to learn hacking, you have to face so many sites that the loading speed of the sites will be very slow. Or you can’t visit sites with data connection. So you will need a fast broadband internet connection. Hey, get rid of the idea of ​​hacking from your head.

PC Or Laptop :

Now let’s make it clear that there are many people who want to enter the world of hacking with their Android phone or smartphone. And you never want to do that, because hacking often requires tools or extensions. Which are impossible with Android devices. Not only that, there are many sites with your Android device that you will never get access to. So above all make sure you have a PC or laptop. Otherwise the hacking thing is not for you.

Good Knowledge On English :

After entering the black world of hacking, you will not find any site that has your mother tongue written in Bengali. About 90% of the sites are written in English. And to access these sites or get full performance from these sites, you need to know English. There are many who can only see the image and master it, but on many hacking related sites you will not find the image. You must read the article given by them with full experience about English and learn from it. And to learn hacking, among other things, proficiency in English is very important.

Interest In Learning :

It is important to have an interest in learning among other qualities. Your morale should be completely different than others. You will be recognized as a successful hacker whenever you enter the world of meeting with a lot of morale and interest in yourself.

Lots Of Patience:

The most important thing you need to keep in mind to be a hacker is the idea of ​​your patience. Because when you go hacking, it looks like you’ve been doing something for about a month, but whenever you get results, you see that you have failed. Patience at any time is one of the best qualities of hackers.

Programming Language:

To learn hacking you must have a very good idea about programming language. And if you want, you can learn programming language by searching on Google or watching any kind of tutorial on YouTube. The programming language of the world of hacking needs to be mastered in your mother tongue.


It takes a lot of morale and patience to be a hacker. In addition, the goal is to work hard from fixed. And whenever the above mentioned things are present in you, you will be considered as a complete hacker.