The main point of today’s article is how to rank your blog on Google. For those who are frustrated with the problem of Google Ranking and Indexing of website / blog post, this post can be very useful.

It is very easy to create a blog or website but it is very difficult to rank in Google because the competition has increased a lot at present. Then the visitor income also increased but with that the competition also increased. Today we will discuss in detail how to rank a new blog or website in Google. I am going to give you some of the best SEO tips so that you can follow these tips to rank your new website in Google.

What Does Google Rank Mean?

A blog ranking on Google means that when someone does a Google search for a word or a question, your website is listed at the top of the search results. This is the main goal of most website owners and it is possible to bring a lot of organic traffic to your site.

How To Rank Blog On Google

Nowadays blogging has become a business and the main reason for people’s interest in blogging is “the opportunity to make money from blogs”. People are now embracing blogging as a systematic business or profession. And so in this case, a lot of competition has been created. We all know that to make money from a blog, that blog needs thousands of unique or new visitors every day. And, in this case, Google search can deliver a lot of organic traffic to our blog every day.  And so, as a blogger, we always try to get our blog to the top of the “Google search engine”.  

Below Are Some Tips For Getting Your Blog Or Website Ranked By Google :

Do Keyword Research :

This is why if you have created your new website and want to rank it in Google, then you should come up with the right keyword research. Keywords play an important role in ranking your website or blog.  You are writing a post anywhere.  Do a Google search first, then the keywords you put in the Google search box should be related to the topic of your blog. You can rank your post using any of the keywords below it, you can research the keywords according to your niche, this is the best way.

Write quality content:

If you do not write quality content, it will be very difficult to get ranking on the first page of Google search. Now you may remember what we mean by quality content? The answer is very simple. Quality article means writing articles in such a way that visitors can get the right answer or solution to their question from the blog. I have seen many bloggers around the world who do not write posts explicitly. They have no rules for writing posts. As a result, visitors do not like their posts. That is why these websites are not in the rank of Google. When writing on a topic, people should describe the topic in detail. Try to write articles in short paragraphs and try to publish informative articles in 1000 to 1500 words. Google already has a lot of web pages. These pages also carry any type of topic or keyword basis contents. So, why would Google rank your website for inferior content when it already has good content? So always try to write the right informational and quality article.

Internal linking:

What is internal linking? When you link an old post to a new one, it is called internal linking. If new post has an internal link, Google quickly indexes it, so it’s important to have an internal one. In a new website, always create a good interlink so that users scrolling deeply to your site, this is the best way to increase the view of old content and increase the page view of your website.

Make Website Mobile Friendly:

Since the use of mobile has increased, people do most of their work from mobile, so more than half of the search comes from mobile, so you must keep your website mobile friendly, if your website is not mobile friendly then Google to find out. Your website or blog will rank at the top of Google, which will not bring much traffic to your website. Although nowadays almost all themes support mobile friendly. If your theme is not mobile friendly then use another theme or you can. Use mobile friendly by installing any plugin.

Indexing your website:

If you have created your new website and you post on it regularly, you need to tell Google that you have created your new website. For that you need to submit your website to Google search console so that Google indexes your new website. Post to Google  Which will bring traffic to your website.


The biggest problem for new bloggers is that they create blogs and write posts but don’t know how to rank those posts in Google. So we are talking about how to rank a new blog on Google. If you follow those tips, your blog will quickly rank on Google. Remember that if your blog ranks well, there will be a lot of organic traffic. And from that you can make good money.