A  website contains a lot of important and relevant information. That is why the security of the website is the most important issue in today’s world.

Websites are now an important part of our lives. We do all kinds of daily work, from education to finance, through our website on the internet. Websites are the most interesting way to express one’s or any organization to the virtual world. So the security of the website is to be taken into consideration. It would be surprising to know that an average of 30,000 websites is hacked every day around the world due to various security vulnerabilities.

The Requirement Of Website Security : 

The website can be compared to a home. Just as the doors and windows need to be strengthened for the security of the house so that unwanted intruders cannot enter there, so too the security system of the website has to be strengthened. 

The Importance Of Website Security Is Discussed Below :

  • it is very easy for virtual miscreants or hackers to destroy one website in a matter of moments.   This not only harms one, but also the visitors of their website can become a target of hackers. If visitors know that the website is not secure, they will not even think about coming to the site anymore. In this case website, security is important to prevent hacking. 
  • Now many people can be happy thinking that their site is of very general quality and there is no important information about user details such as credit card number, bank account, customer details. Then why hackers can hack their website. Yes, that makes sense. But if they think a little differently, they will realize how bad and horrible it can be for a hacker to hack their website without stealing information. Once anyone understands why hackers hack websites, the importance of the security of their favorite websites will become clear to them. 
  • The website is now an excellent target for criminals due to large-scale financial transactions.  Since the use of the website has spread among everyone, everyone should be careful. However, since the general public is just users and they do not have enough technical skills. So website developers need to develop websites in such a way that it is not possible for hackers to easily hack or harm the website and its users.

The Reasons Why A Hacker Hacks A Website Are Given Below 


This is the most common type of hacking where hackers hack websites and hang pictures of themselves or their group on the ham page. Through this, they want to spread their name or the name of the hacking group. It works great marketing for them. One thing to keep in mind is that if the site has 10,000 traffic/visitors and if a hacker shows his own page on each link, then it has become great free marketing. 

Computer Power:

Hackers often hack sites only to use the website server or the server’s computing power. This gives them two advantages. They got a free computer to use in one hall. And secondly, there is no need to pay any electricity bill separately. A web server is actually a computer with which a hacker can commit many misdeeds. Typically, hackers use computer power to mine digital currencies such as bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. If a hacker does this evil thing by hacking your server, then think about the consequences.

Phishing Pages : 

Even if there is no user data on the site, hackers can hack websites and hang fake Facebook or Google login pages. In most cases, the user traps that page and gives sensitive information to hackers, such as a login ID, password, or credit card PIN. So by hacking anyone’s website, a hacker can easily steal thousands of user details.  


Suppose one of the websites is well ranked in Google search engine due to having a lot of good backlinks.  In this case, the hacker can hack the site and take advantage of the link juice by creating spam pages. As a result, the website will go down in the rankings and the hacker’s site will go up. 

 Spamming :

Hackers often hack site server computers and send a lot of fake emails to different websites. Using computer power, hackers can do all sorts of things, including sending emails.  In this case, when the owner of the site server discovers that his IP address has been blocked, he has to spend a lot of money to solve it.

Spreading Malware :

Hackers hack websites and inject malicious software there. The hacker can then use the infected PC as a botnet, steal all the data from that computer and encrypt all the files on the computer. Later, if the user wants to return the files, the hacker demands money just like in the case of ransomware. 

One thing is clear from the above discussion, never forget that the site is short and simple, so hackers will not be interested in the website. Ultimately everyone is at great risk if their site does not have a strong security system no matter how it is hacked.


Building a website is very easy nowadays. To be present online for personal or business needs, the website needs to decide to buy the desired domain, then choose the free or paid design and arrange the content accordingly. To create a website is so easy but it is difficult to maintain it. So the security of the website must be ensured. We have to keep an eye on it so that there is no negligence.

Shamim Ahmed

Shamim Ahmed

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